Not Sure I Can Handle It!!!

Ok so my bf is deployed to Iraq. I feel like I am being too needy missing him like crazy, and I dont want to push him away by needing him so much. I am not sure I can handle it but I want to so bad! I feel like I am going to spend this entire deployment depressed. He is missing christmas, new years, valentines, and my birthday. I dont know how I am going to get through this and still keep my dignity intact somehow while slowely driving myself crazy wanting him home. I guess I am just worried that he might lose interest in me if he thinks I am too needy? I just cant be the same when he is so far away!! Help please!
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2 Responses Nov 8, 2010

Hang in there! My boyfriend is currently in NC right now, and I'm in Texas.. hes about to go to Califorina for training for deployment in Jan. He comes home on Dec 24th, and will only be home for 1 1/2 week and gets deployed on jan 3rd for 6 months. He's also going to miss valentines too, and should be back home a week before my birthday, i hope! He's also going to be missing almost the entire of my pregnancy that is also his child. Hang in there, I do too feel like he's gonna want to leave me because I'm too needy too! But also remember, he is tired from all the hours they have worked their butts off, and sleepness nights..but remember you're ALWAYS on his mind, you're the first person he thinks of when he wakes up and the last thing he remembers when he goes to bed. The guys are in the military, they are trained not to show their emotions so easy because of their jobs, but you wait and see.. as soon as he gets home, hes going to let down his guard and you'll see..he DOES miss you and loves you as much as you do. Keep busy and good luck! :) message me if u have any questions! We're all here for each other, aren't we?!

what a coinkidink my bf is in iraq and he will be missing thanksgiving, christmas, new years, my b-day, but is planning his leave for our 1 year. I know what you mean about being needy but he needs you too just in a different way. Me and my bf were having some difficulties in the beginning but he shows that he misses me and i think if he isn't showing you it's because he doesn't want you to feel bad that you can't do anything. I feel terrible because knowing my bf is feeling sad and missing me makes me feel useless and he knows this. Just stand by him and remind him that you're there for him and that it's worth it. Honestly it's hard but it's worth it, you can do it (: Instead of going day by day, check off holidays and he'll be here before you know it, don't think of the negative things as much just try to stay positive and keep busy. good luck (: