My Fiancée Is Overseas And Its Not Easy!

Hi....its so hard to find people who understand what I'm going through on a daily basis. I miss him so much ever day! I cry, I worry I freak out and this is our second deployment...but it doesn't get any easier it hurts as if it were our first. He was gone a year and he came home for two weeks....he left back out a couple weeks ago and won't be back home for another eight months. I miss him so much!! He is my heart and soul, my lover, my best friend, my soul mate, my confidante! He is pretty much my everything. We talk but not to often, but I love it when we get those few special moments.....i never knew that a hello I love you I'm doing okay, could mean so much to me! This may seem rude or wrong but it pissed me off to hear women ***** and complain about their men not talking to them for days or talking to them to much, when I go weeks without hearing from him. I'm really glad I found this site and hopefully will have some things in comment with you other ladies who KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IM GOING THROUGH!!
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I know how you feel. My boyfriend works in Iraq as a Close Protection Operator and this week is the first week that I haven't been able to talk to him either by text or Skype as he is in an area where there is no signal or at the very least - a sporadic one.
I'm so upset and last night I was crying because I was worried he had gone off me even though he's not done anything to make me believe that. lol
He phoned me on Sunday morning to say he was about to lose the signal as they were on the move and he would phone me and get in touch whenever he got a signal but didn't know when that would be.

So keep smiling - I know how hard it is - us girls have to stick together and keep each other positive. Email me anytime - be lovely to have a friend on here.

Kat x

Oh my goodness I can almost feel like you feel. My boyfriend also will leave me in this month. Every time I am with him right now I feel wanna cry, because I am scared i can't see him again. I don't know what should i do if he leave me later. <br />
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Be strong girl, we can do it together. You're not alone, and if he's your destiny he will come to you again