I Am Totally Stress And Depressed

Well I have a boyfriend from Iraq, but now live in Malaysia. I am totally stress right now, because he will go back to Iraq in this month, and its impossible I will meet with him again later. I met with him 2 years ago, I am from indonesia and study in Malaysia, he also come from IRaq to study in here. Everything is ok when the first time we go together. This is not the first time he left me alone in here, and he go back to iraq. But now its different, this time he tell me for forget about him, and give up. 
I am so crazy about this, I really love him and I just want be with him. But everything feel so imposible, even though I have a lot of money I can't enter Iraq because I can't get visa. My mom also told me for break up with him, and if i go back to my country 100 percent I can't see him again, because my mom will never allow me.  He also can't enter indonesia because can't get visa, its really difficult to us. The only place is Malaysia, but he also said he will never return back in here, and i will finish my study in next year. I almost give up now, I feel like want to kill my self if i am not with him, he become one part in my life, i can't let him go. what should i do???
KissRain KissRain
Feb 12, 2012