I Hate Deployments

Seriously...deployments are the worst EVER! I mean...really...does it get any worse? I love my soldier and im SOOO proud of him...but this just stinks!! 

I miss him like insanely a lot. I have no idea what hes doing or where he is.  hes my best friend. He doesnt get internet right now and phone calls are very scarce....ugh..stupid deployment!!

Im just having one of those frustrated with the army days! I'm sure tomorrow I will feel better and it will be a brand new day...but seriously, right now, im VERY frustrated! I miss my honey! Oh goodness do i miss him!!

i say this: ELIMINATE deployment! yes...that sounds like an excellent idea!

kellim07 kellim07
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3 Responses Oct 5, 2008

I´ll tell you what hes doing : Hes killing Innocent Civillians , Stealing Oil and breakin up Families ,rapin kids etc so he wont have time for u .
2. Of course he doesnt have Internet after bombing all the Places there (and innocent people) and stealing oil

uhh!! GAG MEE!! sometimes i just HATE the government! i missed my phone call today because i was in CLASS!! lametastic!! but heck...at least he called! i just...miss him sooo much! im so glad this website is here though!! let me tell you, i probably couldnt get through it without this place!

**** take it from a guy whos' in iraq the only reason you don't know what he does from a day to day basis is because he probably doesn't know til he's doing it. i'm stuck in iraq and my wife is here in iraq with me too and that bothers me because i know what she is doing and i can't protect her like i would like to