New Beginning

not really a a blog of my new life..I met this very sweet loving man  nearly 4 months ago. We had our first time gitters..but over come those as the months went by..We get to have our first meeting in mid-Jan when he gets back to the states..So i guess you can say that we are internet dating till he gets back...I finally let my gaurd back down...i just hope that things keep getting better & this is meant to be for us..We both deserve a happy ending..

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This very sweet-Loving Man is killing very innocent Civvilians right now while hes nickin more Oil from there and lets Families Starve without Money or Food . He deserves a ***** Slap and i bet when hes gonna get back hes only gonna fuq u and sweettalkin another ***** :)

you have a similar story to ours. Ian and I met on his leave from Iraq through a mutual friend. We started talking as friends and then it eventually grew into something much more. He is on his 2nd tour of Iraq and we talk everyday. We met as friends as in person but started our relationship online and through the phone/texting. You can do it. Just remember that he is stressed as much as you are about him not being home... <br />
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Good Luck and Have Faith

wow im so happy ur getting married. my best friend is getting married too this yr. on her finacees r&r <br />
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and they met online 2 yrs ago<br />
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i hope me and my guys can lead to that.<br />
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he called me today and i missed his fone call. i am sooo mad at myself

I met my marine in person, but most of our relationship has been over the phone and online because he's always away. Hes got one more deployment overseas and then he can come home. yay!<br />
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Hope things work out for ya!

when do u get to meet your man. Today I talked to him on yahoo after he got off work. We kinda worked out our time differences. Hes even getting me a late bday gift. I was like no! are u serious. but I got some things today for him for his care package. i think ima look for a night job. so I can keep busy.

It has absolutely been worth it for me thus far!!!

Well the other day i actually met this guy online. And his hometown is where I moved to 7 months ago. and he was stationed in my hometown but he recently got deployed to iraq its his 2nd tour he has 10 more months left. and then in march 2010 he gets out of army and moving back to where i am. he is almost 27 and seems to be looking for something serious like i am. my best friend is excited. she met her finacee online while he was overseas as well. I never really waited for neone. but i know how hard it is for my friend. idk is it worth waiting for someone u never met. in my friends case it was.

I met my man just 5month ago. I so know how this feels!!

THis is the first place I've found other people who met their boyfriend's online while they were already deployed! I would love to hear from you girls and hear how it's going for you now!<br />
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I met my boyfriend two months ago online, and things have moved along pretty quickly since then. We're not talking marriage anytime soon, but he is definitely amazing, and I can't wait to meet him for real! I wondered if this was a common thing for soldiers, to meet women online and start a relationship from overseas...I kind of suspected it might be because his Hallmark selection over there seems to have far more cards that fit our situation than any card store I've ever been in, lol!

So, did you two meet online? I met my boyfriend online, and he is currently in Iraq. I actually just finished talking to him before he went on a mission. We have been dating for two and a half weeks. It feels like love to me. I won't be able to meet him until somewhere between the end of November and the beginning of December, while he is on leave. I'm anxious, but I am also nervous. We want to get married before he goes back. He has 2 more years left and possibly one more deployment.<br />
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Everything will end wonderful.

good luck! - I hope it works out for the both of you!