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Hi! my names Jessica, and I first want to say how excited I am to find this group! no one really knows what its like to go through a deployment from the womans side and it good to have people you can talk to that relate! My boyfriend of 4 years was deployed a few months ago. Ironically it was about 3 months after he got out of BC soo it was sooner than anticipated. It's maybe the hardest thing I have had to deal with especially when I am at that age of mass confusion anyway. I miss him more each day! I mean we are a normal couple that argues now and then, and I regret it everytime we hang up the phone. I try as hard as I can to keep my emotions under control (just until hes back), but I am just a sesitive person, expecially with the added stress of deployment! geez its ridiculous! anyways, I try to do as much as I can to make his life a little brighter in that awful palce. I have been sending packages as much as I can, but the only problem is what to send? I mean he only really asks for snacks and candy, but I think he deserves a little more than that... plus his mom sends him packages with probably the same stuff. AND at the risk of sounding like a *****, I am going to say I need my packages to be BETTER then hers or anyone else that sends him packages lol! I was just wondering if anyone had any cute, or unique ideas... I am sending him play-doh ( i know lame) but when I mentioned it he got excited... but I am all out of ideas.... so any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated!

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I have sended my BF this for food what is not there: Cookies, sambal , chips, olives, artisjokken, french beef<br />
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furthermore eveyr week I write a handwritten letter to him.<br />
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I also made on computer a small photobook of us together and added some sentences with pictures. I sometimes walk around with my camera and make a movie of the citycentre or just of my laying in my bed telling him I miss him and tell him what I like about him...I also put parfum on it.<br />
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Well, my first package I sended three weeks ago and it is still not i guess it will take around a month it arrives, My second package i sended last week.<br />
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A magazine he likes is also a good idear to send.!<br />
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kus Eef

Thanks you so much! I like the sweater Idea its really cute... and I was going to send some dvds but he gets them over there for super cheap... so instead I am asking him to send me dvds lol!