Missing Him More and More..

So..June 12th was 6 months in this deployment..were half way there and im trying my best 2 stay as positive as i can..he was sent 2 a mt. and now their internet is down which has been down for almost a week..he did call me friday night just long enough 2 say congrats on finishing highschool, he was safe and that he loved me..i miss him soo much its like you dont think you can miss them any more than you already do but some how you miss them more and more everyday..or thats how i feel..im just so ready for this deployment 2 get over with..and us 2 be able 2 have it behind us..which is going 2 feel GREAT!! 

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2 Responses Jun 15, 2009

ps. sorry i typed to fast, silly mistakes haha

Does he has to stay there now another 6 months, so you are on half a way now? I can imagine you miss. It is very sweet he called you to so he loves you and congrtas with finishing your highschool and that he is safe:) Do you have much to do in your free time? Side job for summer and you are going to study or searching for a job now? Keep busy. The fact you miss him so much shows how much you care for him. My Iraq experience with my bf learned me that i love him more as I tought on forehand and on forehand it was already much..weird he..is that the same with you? it also strengthens your love for each other ebing so far awaw from each other. kus Eef