I Am Happy...cause Baby He's Coming Home

Many of you have talked to me about one of my best friends, Military Man.  Well, my friend is coming home soon (like in 2 weeks).  I am so excited because I miss the little things like being able to text him or call him when I need to laugh, sharing picture messages, and just simple things. Although he has pretty much been there for me the entire time he has been there I would be lying if I said it won't be a relief to have him back on US soil and knowing that he is a simple phone call away.

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7 Responses Jul 24, 2009


Yaay, Cheers!!<br />
Wish he won't have to go anywhere else.

I am looking forward to him being back here. So much has happened since he left that I have only shared just high level with him so I bet that first US phone call is going to be several hours long. LOL


Awww that's great! Hope the time flies by =]

Yes, and you won't have to hear me biotch about the connections dropping anymore. LOL

So glad to hear that.