Me And Mine

Hi Ladies,  I am also a member of a few other "experiences" on this website but they all center around me and my boyfriend, Paul.  He is a U.S. Marine and is currently serving in Iraq.  He is on his 3rd tour and it is, THANK GOD, his last.  He will be home this summer and moving back to our hometown where we grew up.  Paul and I have been friends since childhood, even dated when we were in our early teens.  Then we fell apart and lost contact until this past year, when he found me on FB.  We are now 24 (me) and 25... He was in Iraq and started to email me, chat with me and eventually call me.  I dont know how, at such a distance, feeling grew, but they did.  He got to come home on R&R for 2 weeks and we had an amazing time.  Of the 14 days he was home, I was with him 10.  I met his entire family, I mean granparents, aunts, cousins, godchildren... Brothers, sisters, parents... I am very close to all of them now.  We share mutual adoration for each other and we miss the heck outta Paul. Its a very tough situation for sure, becuase we dont have years of being together to fall back on, we just have those 2 weeks and our communication.  Sometimes I get insecure and wonder if waiting for him is the right thing to do... Because he will be gone 7 months, and then what if he gets home and decides to go another direction.... I cant let my mind go there.  I told him Id wait.  And I will.  I miss him everyday.   

I am still new to the feeling of missing him.  I must admit the first month is the hardest, and I have gotten through that, I get to talk to him about once a week.  Which I am so grateful for.  Anyways, I just wanted say HEY... And Hope you ladies are doing well.. Id like to hear from some of you, so hit me up!!!


sittingwaitinwishin sittingwaitinwishin
22-25, F
Mar 9, 2010