I Miss Him Sooooo Much!

So me and my boyfriend have been going out for a month. We are head over heals for each other. Im 17 and he is 19. Ive never like a uy as much as i like him. Well he was on probation for tampering with a motor vehicle. And about a week ago he went to visit his probation officer and they arrested him because he violated probation because he got pulled over and caught with pot in the car. So theytook him to a county jail about an hour away from where i live. When i found out, i was devasted and i just burst into tears. I was in the worst mood for the first 2 days. Then i went to visit him on sunday. It broke my heart how i had to talk to him through the glass and i couldnt hug him or kiss him. I wrote him a letter on Tuesday and im still waiting for his reply. Everyday without hearing from him feels like a lifetime and im so lonely. He said hes probably going to get 4 or 5 months. If just a week is this much torture and pain, idk how im gonna make it 4-5 months. I just miss him sooo much and it hurts so badly. Im going to stay with him though, theres no possible way i could break up with him during all this. I hate it.
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Staying strong is all you really can do. Let him know everything will be ok. Least he's only there for four to five months.Iknow how tough it is. letters and phone calls are very precious remember that. be strong

Thats the hardest thing! A guy wants a strong girl to keep his head on straight! Its hard staying strong , but dont hide your feelings, he needs you just as much as you need him! Have you found out how much time he will be doing?