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My bf got arrested for something that he didnt do . Something about drunk driving only he wasnt driving or drunk ! He was in the car with his drunk friend and his non-drunk friend . The drunk friend was messing around and hopped in the drivers seat when they were geting gas . Only the car wasnt on . So they left their drunk friend in the car and went into pay for gas . The drunk friend somehow got the car to start and drove around the parking lot . The cops pulled him over and did the whole we-know-your-drunk thing so they asked for his name and he said " ethan andrews " ( my bfs name ) the cops drove off to the other side of the lot and watched him . My bf got back in drivers seat and started to drive then the cops pulled him over again and told ethan to get out of the car for drunk driving and whatnot . It turned into an ugly fist fight . So he was arrest for pounding the cops hes been in jail 2 months , missed our anniversary , and hasnt called for a while . The good news is only two more weeks and he be out of jail so im keeping my fingers crossed !! Edit : okay well his parents got him out of jail last week and he came over to my house and surprised me . Then my parents left for the neihbors bonfire and me and ethan were alone . I have no idea why but we celebrated with champane or whatever and got drunk accidentilly . And we did the stupidest thing imaginable : had sex ! Stupid i know right well, i took a pregnency test and it came out positive soo im scared !
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Be careful. If what you were told was true, the cops would have realized they were dealing with 2 different people.

Ethan and the drunk guy look almost exactly the same

That bites. My husband got pulled over one night because he has the same name as someone who had a warrant. Thank God the guy with the warrant was a different race. Sheesh!

Yikes ...

Yeah ethan had a small music note tattoo on the back of his neck so that kinda saved him from even longer in the slammer 'cause then they knew they were dealing with to different people

They should have just released him. This must be very frustrating for both of you. Do you write to him?

Call, write and i visit as much as i can

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