I ****** up........................
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If u really loved him u wouldent of cheated bottom line.if ur his ride or die then u dont cheat no matter how lonely u get .noone will fill that void except when your man comes home if he even wants to stay with u when he gets out considering u cheated .

Excuse me & you are? I was honest with my man right after it happened I told him. & idk what kind of situations you've been through but my man understands what I'm going through just like I understand what he's going through. He forgave me because he knows things are tough on both ends. & who are you to tell me if I "really do love him" or not? HA you're irrelevant. All that matters is his opinion And what he feels towards me, & FYI baby girl, HE LOVES ME. & he'll be coming home to me. Thanks for your two cents though. Xoxo HA

Yes actually my man is in prison

Been in the situation twice

U dont cheat on someone u love because u miss him how the **** is that called loved." Oh i love u but im gonna cheat on u cuz i cant keep my legs closed" yeah thats some real love there

Good luck to u and your man and if he still loves a girl who cheats on him thats up to him.i was just pointing out the obvious fact that if u love someone ur willing to wait for them FAITHFULLY as much as u miss him.

Think about how he feels hes in a ******* cage right now locked up wondering whos ******* his gf ..atleast u have freedom

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Cheated? Or..?

2 days ago was my birthday & I got tipsy and I slept with someone else..I was lonely, & it was an old friend I used to mess around with. But while we were doing it I felt even lonelier, all I could think about was my man. I told him over the phone when he called last night & he sounded so disappointed. :( he said he understood because he isn't able to be there physically for me, he said he wasn't mad..but that if he was out it would be a different situation but since he's locked up he wasn't mad, but the hurt in his voice broke my heart..I just feel so so horrible. What I did really made me realize the only person I want is him!

Yeah, I didn't have sex with anyone but I made out with someone drunk and I felt like **** and it made me miss him more, too. I told him and he was a bit upset. We just have to put ourselves in their shoes.. We would be devastated if we were in jail and our bfs ****** some chick.. But hope it works out.