My Boyfriend In Jail

I met my boyfriend in middle school. i had the most biggest crush on him but he never knew. last year at age 17 we bumped heads ahead and talked alot and started hanging out. it was like we were on group dates cuz him and some friends would be there and my friends started talking to them. he was then my first kiss. we would always get rooms at hotels every weekend but NEVER did anything. he never even tried. then after awhile we stopped and went our different ways. he was dating this girl which i feel he still likes, now he is in jail and we started talking again. he then said to me "i dont know what it is but i really like something about u, u come off very different then all these other girls"  i loved to read that cuz still he means soo much to me. in the letter he said he doesnt know how i feel and wanted me to tell him so i did. i told him i still really liked him and willing to work things out. we been exchanging letters for the last three months and he has another 6 months to go then has 3 months house arrest. idkk what i am going to do if he is to ask me out in the next letter? i need some advice. by the way i am now 18 and i have just completed my first year of college. please help me and tell me what i should do im so confused and i dont have friends i can talk to :(
angelwings23 angelwings23
May 10, 2012