So Confused!!! Should I Continue ??

Y'all please put your seat belt on for this.!! I've been with my boyfriend/ friend for 6yrs now. 3yrs out and 3 1/2 years in prison. Now, before he was sentenced he told me, I want to be friend, because I've been through this b4, and your young I just want u to enjoy life, and we pick up were we left off if u don't have no one... As much as it hurt for me to accept that, I did.... Because I understood he didn't want to be hurt again.... So I wasn't try to hear that, I did everything in my power to show him I loved him and I wasn't going to hurt him... But he still had doubts for 2 yrs straight I put in work, driving back n 8hrs total to see him the whole 9. But as he kept doubting me I started doubting too... I had to take a break to think about if I was really ready to wait another 1 1/2 for someone who doesn't even have the confidence in me? I took care of him when he hit bad times in the world, and I took care of him in prison... But it's like where do I come in at? Where's my support? You still talking about begin friends, and im doing all this??? Really???So for 3months I didn't talk to him, thinking maybe, if he feel like he lost me maybe he would come around... So I got the result I was looking for, he told me he was ready for a family ect... But a few months later, he took it back, and said he can't get over the fact that I left him, and he wanted to slow down?? Huh slow down??? He's questioning my loyalty, but how can he do that when I have been there before and during... I did vanish without a trace, but I apologized for that, but how can you get mad at me when you told me we were just friends. He feels as if my absence was because of a man... But it really wasn't, I told him I had sex with one person since he'd been gone he acted as if he didn't care because we were friends, but I know this was the reason behind all of this sudden change... I really love this man to death I'll do anything for him... But how can you get upset with me for doing what you asked, but then it turns out to be a test... I need some type of assurance before I keep giving my all to a man, that I don't know his intentions.... I knw he loves me, we were unbreakable when he was out... At this point he will be home in nov and he still on the same page... This friend ****... He say I hurt him really bad, but how come we were just friends.... My question is should I just give up because I know he's
Paroling to his moms... And he's not coming with me?? I know there's another woman... What should I do?? I love him n I've been there I just had to take a break for me b4 I went crazy....
MsashleyD25 MsashleyD25
Sep 8, 2012