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I'm the owner and founder of Prison Transport located in Queens, NY.
I have a sister who is currently serving 20 years to life on a murder conviction at Bedford hills correctional facility. After visiting her and hearing the stories about other inmates who didn't receive visits because it cost to much money or the facilities are located in rural areas that aren't accessible by mass transit, broke my heart. It compelled me to make a change and thus the Idea for
"Prison Transport" was conceived to provide affordable transportation to and from Prisons all across New York State. Prison Transport is committed to ensuring that family and friends are able to visit loved ones and that they are treated with dignity and respect.
Just because your visiting a prison doesn't mean you should have to pay more money and put up with deplorable conditions on buses, such as broken toilets, horrible smells, fights and arguments over seating. You should be able to travel in comfort and style. We have the lowest rates and the best services! We also have a membership program. Children travel for a fraction of the course.
We also provided door 2 door service, breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages (To and from the facility). We understand that some families just cant afford to visit a inmate due to economy, therefore each week we give a different family 2 free tickets (1adult/child) to visit a loved one free, plus money for food/beverages on the visit (10.00 max). For more information or to book a seat call us at (347)886-7083 or email: or you visit us online @

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that is truly very kind of you.....i hope you are still in business, you are a good person!