On The Other Side.

It's so hard being the one on the otherwise of the fence. The one who drives away leaving behind a man you love. The one who carries around the stigma of being with someone who has committed a crime. Answering your child's tough questions and kissing away their tears when they are missing their daddy. It's a strange emotion daily of being mad and in love. No one wrote a rule book about this. No one prepares you for this. It goes against everything you expected for your life.

But I do it. I do it because I'm madly in love with the man on the other side. I understand that he is not his crime. I understand that he is becoming the man he was always supposed to be. That he is a fantastic father and that one day he will be home with us again and this will all be over.

My name is Brittany and my boyfriend and father of my two children (one of which was just born while he was in prison) is currently serving a 24 month sentence for the distribution and manufacturing of marijuana. I'm hoping to find another prison girlfriend to talk to who understand and shares this experience. It's so hard to feel like you are going through this alone...
Bdjschmitt Bdjschmitt
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012