Pen Pals Become Something More?

well i have become pen pal friends with someone in prison for the past 6 months. we started off as friendly then it blossomed into more romantic love letters. We sent pictures and talked on the phone a little. it was a really blissful 6 months however recently i was scammed for money by someone claiming to be his mother saying he needed money to pay off debts or he was gonna get hurt. With help from my cousin over the course of few weeks we sent hundreds of dollars of worth money to his supposed mother. we later discovered it was his mother and a friend of hers scamming us for money and using it for herself. i felt absoltley horrible but i don't know if he was involved in at all. my most recent letter from him was 2 weeks ago, i know the mail takes time especially from prison, but i don't know. these questions keep popping in my head- Does he still care about me? did he ever? will he ever write me back? will i hear from him again? it really hurts me and is very disheartening. i really felt like i was in love with him and i thought he felt the same way. i hope he wasn't just using me. What do you think?
alwayswondering1991 alwayswondering1991
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Please feel free to visit the facebook page Stop The Use Of Prison Pen Pal Sites. You are not alone and can find support. Unfortunately you got caught up in just another aspect of typical inmates and the games they play.

this sounds horrible, to me it sounds like he doesn't have to do with it, but then again you never know if you never knew him in person. what has happened?