Hey girls! So I'm here at the Atlanta GA airport ready to go back home. It was an amazing four days with him. I have a knot in my throat and everything seems vague to me at this point but the memories I made these past few days will last me a life time. It was extremely awkward in the beginning. Even though it was so nice to see him and be around him it just felt like a dream. We had the most heart warming heart to heart conversations that we have ever had. It made us understand eachother more. I esplained to him all the stages I went through when he left and he was very surprized and he couldnt stop kissing me while I was telling him. We talked about how we first met and how he stole the first kiss. It was just really nice. Now he will be starting airborne school tomorrow. He's a badass and I'm so proud of him. He reassured me of everything and I feel so peaceful despite the fact that my heart feels empty again I know that he will always be mine :) I love my baby. I will tell details day by day what we did later when I get back home. Love you guys! Muah! Can't wait to post my video on YouTube lol
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Awwww STOP IT! Its to early for me to start being emotional lol....im happy to see u had a nice time sweetie...&&& YES IM STILL WAITING ON THAT VIDEO LOL

Haha you are the cutest!!! Thank you! And I'm on it! I will be finishing it today and I'll send you the link doll.

Awww. Lol :)

Kelsey! :) It was hard! But right now I'm just happy that we feel the same for eachother still.

Aww good. Im glad yall worked all that out and you're on the same page with things. Makes me happy. :)