Yet Another Girlfriend Of A Squaddie

Ok so from reading around this site, it seems we tend to all gather here lol :)
Well i met my guy online funnily enough, my friend who is in the army, tired of hearing how i yet again went out with an idiot, made me go on one of the forces chat sites. Now being a female obviously lots of messages came my way, spoke to lota of them, but only one stood out, he was funny, smart, intelligent, caring and more than anyting a complete gent...if any of you have been on these sites quite a few are horny little devils lol

I wasn't really looking for a boyfriend tbh just went there to talk to half decent men, now im smitten.

He is in Afghan at the moment back in January, i'm quite lucky as he manages to email me etc normally at least once a day, if he isn't out on a mission then three times :)

When he comes back we only get a few days, so i'm excited but horribly nervous at the fact i don't want to show him i'm sad he'll be going again, having guy friends in the army i know its the last thing they need. I try and be positive for morale and he always messages me as soon as he gets back to let me know he's ok.

Now this was not as easy as it all sounds, in the beginning like many army boys he was cagy about any relationship, they all seem to get screwed over or seem to attract bunny boilers so its been trying but you can't help who you fall for!

love to hear from the rest of you!
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you know an obsessive mind is both an asset and a weakness.

you may want to do some reading on ocd or obsessiveness.

haha i know about it thanks

Aww, I'm happy you found someone that genuinely makes you happy. The best of luck to you & I hope we can stay in touch :)

Thank you!
I have a feeling i will be needing this place a lot LOL

omg same here.its really hard to keep busy when your man is gone :/ lol

yeah i just get obsessed with checking my emails etc have to keep my mind occupied lol
i was meant to hear from him tonight as well but think their net went down...but really should be grateful they have communications really

Aww that's true. Please feel free to keep in touch. I LITERALLY feel the same's hard to function when all you can do is think about them lol

i know i am freaking out abit today haven't heard from him since his net cut out nearly two days ago, i know he is prob fine but OMG the thoughts that run through your head

I know...I sometimes joke to Sonny that he drives me to be that clingy & overprotective girlfriend that wants to know what's going on 24/7..he just giggles but its sad to know that it kinda is true on my behalf lol

LOL yep it's insane isn't it and i'm generally a relaxed gf, but when you have no idea whats going on out there you turn into this mama bear protective instincts come out, one of the things we always lked about each other was that neither of us was controlling when he is on solid ground he can go out with his friends etc without me bugging him but when he is out there i'm insane lol, not that i tell him too much of that i try and keep most of it to myself lol

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