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Hello, my name is Mel and my boyfriend left for training two weeks ago. I knew it would be difficult to see him go since we do everything together and he is my best friend, but I didnt realize I would be so sad. I Know I will get use to him being gone, but it makes it harder when I do not have anyone that can relate to me at home. So I joined this site looking for support. We have been together one year, and we are at the beginning stages of his first deployment. He will be gone the length of our relationship, so that is hard. I miss him already and I am glad that I can vent here.
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1 Response Jul 31, 2010

Boot camp is hard! Just a warning because of the lack of communication. Like many other girl's I had to say goodbye to not only my boyfriend but my bestfriend as well. Just keep yourself busy. I started going to the gym and worked out everyday. Not only did a lose 15 lbs in the two months he was gone but my sailor was also impressed with the improvement. <br />
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So find something to make the time fly. Once you get past that initial two month hurdle things get easier. Who would have known that my cellphone would be my closest companion? Good luck!