Am I Too Young?

My boyfriend is 22 and I'm 17. Am I too young to be holding on to him when he goes into bootcamp in about 2 months? I really love him... We've been together for about a year. He is absolutely everything I've ever asked for. In need of some advice. I don't know what to expect...
alexisbriana alexisbriana
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1 Response May 10, 2012

I don't think age can determine whether or not you should hang out and wait. It's more of a maturity level, will you be able to handle an adult situation at the age of 17? Just a thought. I myself am 19 and has been with my boyfriend for 5years, on and off for the last three. People say I am too young, until they see how strong I am and how I handle situations.

I've been handling adult situations since I was really young. I've been through a lot. It's just another obstacle in my life I need to get through. I'm confident that I can handle this. I really do love him.

Then there you go, you just answered your own question. Good luck! :-)