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I googled "What to do when your boyfriend leaves for the navy" and I've came to this..
I'm a sophomore and he'll be graduating this year. This young man I've known for a long time has helped me with the unimaginable. I don't care about our age, we're in love. There's no other way to describe our friendship and relationship. He's leaving in eight months to boot camp, and I really don't know what I will do. He's the only person I depend on, confide in, etc etc etc. I'm so scared, we both are.
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Just keep your heads up! And what I think helped me through the pre-basic period was that we tried to focus on our relationship and hangout MORE than we did before. Basically we tried to solve our problems while he was still a civilian, and now we can focus on issues brought up by the military. It is completely normal to be scared! For me and my boyfriend it only set in the night before (he was supposed to leave the next week but was called the day before and told he was leaving the next day). I had never seen him so upset, but now he said that he doesn't regret it whatsoever and since I finally got a phone call from him Saturday morning, how afraid I was just kind of went away. Good Luck!

I'm a senior in HS and my boyfriend graduated last year. He leaves for boot camp in March (exactly 2 months) im soooo scared every girl friend is but the best thing is to just talk about it when the time comes. We decided we are going to make this work. I'm going to work and fly out to see him on weekends that I can. If you guess really love eachother you will be ok. Don't worry! just have faith ((:

A sophomore in high school hun.?!!! Wow you're young.!! Welcome to the club though. Well you guys still have 8 months together. Most of our sailors on here are already at boot camp or in A school. Well, the feeling of being scared is normal. Ummm well since he isnt leaving right at the moment. Its no need to worry. I say you're lucky to have time with him still. My sailor has been in Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes for a month. So its VERY tough without my pooh bear being away. His Pass-In-Review is in January. I'm a senior in high school. He graduated last year. But umm, I advise you not to worry until the last month or 2 before he leaves. Right now you two just need to enjoy one anothers company.

Btw you guys are an adorable couple (=