I Need Positive Advice But Also The Truth.......

Here is some background:
I am 17, just graduated HS and my boyfriend is almost 19. We have been dating for 8 months and when he leaves for boot camp we will have been dating over 10 months, known each other for over a year. We have had AMAZING times and rough times while we have been dating. He went to California, we live in Missouri, for a month to spend time with his bro who is in the navy and we survived that and were the same or better when he got back. We have seen each other at our worst and our best. I truly have never felt this way about anyone and he says he feels the same. I know he loves me and I love him, but I don't know what is going to happen. We talk about the future and being together and that is all I want. My boyfriend leaves for boot camp on March 19th. So we have a couple months left and the past month has been great!!

My problem is that I am scared. I'm not just scared......I am terrified! His whole family has or is in the navy, even though I am close with them I don't know how to talk to them about this and don't have anyone else to talk to bout these things.....

I am scared that he will go away and when he is permentally stationed he will find someone else because I cant go with him yet. I am sooooo scared that everyone is right that it wont work but I needa know that I am right that it can work. I am going to work as hard as I can to be with him. That is all I want. The other day he seemed like he wants to get married to me some day. I know we are young but were planning to wait a couple of years.

I really am just lose. I need any and every advice about being a navy girlfriend that I can get. Not just advice about us staying together but advice about EVERYTHING! Please tell me the truth and give me any faith that couples do stay together through this all.........because all my friends and other people act like it wont.
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It is extremely hard to have to say goodbye to your bf as he leaves for basic, or school; and to be in the navy or to be a navy girlfriend takes two special people. From experience I would have to say that basic will most likely be the most difficult. Now don't be scared! Not to difficult! I mean basic will be harder in the way that he can't have his phone so u won't be able to communicate with him day to day like you do now. For me that was the hardest. But me and my bf wrote as many letters as possible because that is a way u can communicate! It's hard adjusting to the no phone rule but if him and his floor or division do well then he will get the privilege to call you. So you will get to talk to him. Just write as many notes as possible so he know ur there for him. It was super hard for my bf to leave me, his family, friends, his dog, job do he really needed somebody there to keep him up. Just be there for him. As a couple you guys can work through this and make it work, and make it let you two become a stronger couple or you guys can let it break you. Either way it won't be easy but distance is only a number. And love can stretch. Don't forget that. As for him being stationed.. When I first found out that after a school, and college he would be stationed some where it hit a little hard. Butttttt ur sailor will get to choose his top 5 places he'd like to be stationed. Hopefully he will chose to stick around somewhere knew you! Considering if u guys stay together through this experience I assume he will want to stay as close as possible to you! Or if by the time he gets stationed you guys could get married and you could move to base where he stationed with him! When me and my bf were talking about him being stationed in 4 years I kinda freaked out a little. I have kinda always wanted to stay closets my hometown and not move out of the state but as me and him were talking about it he brought up that if I wasn't ready toget married if we were at that point or wasn't ready to move out of state then we would make it work by visiting each other as much as possible! He then told me a story of his cousin who was in the navy and his gf. His cousin went to basic, and then a school. They were seeing each other on the minimal. Then he got stationed in d.c and she was in d.c. They weren't ready to get married so she stayed where she was and they bought a house in chicago where they met every 6 months for a week. Not that most ideal situation to be in most a situation to show you that a relationship thru the navy can most deffinetely work. And 7 years from now if you two let this make you strong you will have all the love notes, and you guys will be stronger them ever, and you two as a couple will be able to look back and think of all the things you two got together through! So keep your head up! And be there for your man because this is when he needs it most! But if you want this and he wants this then it can work out! Sorry this got soooo long! I just wanted to be able to give as much advice as possible! Best of luck to you two!

Haha I mean she was in virgina and he was in dc lol sorry!

its ok! thanks soooo much! Ik basic will be the hardest and we have talked about it. We live in Missouri so it is sort of hard for him to be close lol the closes would probably somewhere by the gulf in Texas. But we talked about it and he is gonna go to basic and I will probably see him at graduation....then he will go to A school and I will see him for the 2 weeks he comes home after that and it will fall somewhere in July or so and then he will get stationed and I will go see him before I start college lol then I plan to work and visit him like every other month or when I can. hopefully he will get stationed in texas because the flights might be cheaper lol ((: thanks soooo much for your advice tho ((:

You guys seem like you have a pretty solid plan set up! And your welcome! I'm glad I could help! You will get to see your sailor a lot more then I did! You guys will get through this (:

well I might get to see him it depends where he is stationed because plane tickets are expensive lol soooooo it will depend on money and what time he has

That's true. But everything will workout the way it should :)

I can only hope ((: lol

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