Ships And Divisions

So I just found out what ship and division number my boyfriend is in at the great lakes boot camp.. And have seen others post about their son/boyfriend being in the same one.. I'm wondering what that means exactly. Is that just who you room with? And if so how many people are generally put in one division or room? Sorry I'm clueless to a lot of this so any info at all would really help, thanks girls!!
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The division is who they will graduate with and who they do absolutely everything with (so yes they will be the people he is rooming with). The ship is the building their barracks are in.

Here is more for ya:

Thank you soo much, cleared up a lot for me!

I had a good idea of what they meant, but when you asked I just googled it to be honest and it made things very clear for me as well! :) Glad I could help!