Graduation Costs, How To Dress Etc.

Ok so I kno I have to have enough for the plane ride or gas and a hotel plus food.. But is there any other costs I need to be prepared for when going to the graduation? And what's the dress code like are there certain things I can't wear? It'll be March and it's at great lakes Illinois I assume it'll be cold right?? I just want anyyyyy type of info about graduation day and the rules and anything helpful.. Please help meee thank you!!
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Oh and as for weather...Chicago in March could either be cold or warm...just depends on the a week prior to the graduation I'd check it out!

Thank you soo much! This helps alottt

Well, if you're flying there, instead of renting a car I would just use taxis. There's websites that you could find that you can pre pay for taxis from the airport to the hotel and then the hotel should have other local taxi numbers to take you to the base and what not. Although, I'm not sure how getting on base would work by taking a taxi because I drove up there. There isn't a dress code, you can wear whatever you'd like! But I wouldnt wear holy jeans and a tshirt ;). Btw, if you need the website for the taxi let me know!