He's Leaving For Bootcamp 4/4/12 :c

I'm not the type to meet people online, or fall for them.

But I was on this chat site, and I stumbled upon 21 year old Tim, from Maine.

We immediately clicked, we started to talk on the phone, text, and send eachother tons of pictures, and my god is he adorable. Lol.

It's really odd, I've never felt this way for anyone, ever. Talking to Tim just makes me happy and it makes my day.

These last few days getting to know him more and more, he told me he wanted to be in the Marine Corps.

And he's leaving for bootcamp in 2 months.

I'm not exactly sure what to do, we're going to video chat on Skype this week, and I'm really stoked, like I get butterflies ~

Anyway.. He's told me he's already grown feeling for me because he says he's so comfortable talking to me. And that I'm just like him. And he even wants to take this further...

Like in our texts :

"you're probably the most realistic person ive ever talked to, you're very cute, i have yet to want to stop talking to you, if this were to go beyond friends i could see it as us being not only a couple but best friends.."

My heart basically exploded after that. Lol. I want to go see him before he leaves for bootcamp, for 3 entire months.

He's been telling me to send him pictures and write him letters and such too. I'm really starting to like him. Ugh.

Thing is, I don't even understand the concept of having a significant other in the military.. It seems like a lot of work, and I like him enough to take that chance..

I'm confused ~

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Dec 2, 2012