Yesterday was weird.. at first... then it was beauuuutiful day.

I opened my messenger and  offlines popped up. Looooooots of offlines from my boyfriend. My sweet boy. And I came to know that his arrival is confirmed!!! At last I will be able to touch and to feel him in person. When he comes, it'll be half year when we've been together and it'll be first time spent together, first touch, first kiss....

When i finnished reading offlines, I had to lie on the floor to calm me down.  Then I gave a ring to my best friend, because I wanted to scream this news to the whole world!

He will fly 18 hours just to be with me!!!!

I love you...


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4 Responses Sep 5, 2008

:) ya it will. just a bit later

ya.. it had to be canceled.. visa and tickets. all.. because they postponed aalekh's exams in college for that date and he cant missed them. And now we really dont know when we will meet...

hahaha but only a bit hahaha... but it wasnt screaming.. it was something like suffocating... :DDD

you did scream rofl :D it was sooo funny, rofl