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Boyfriend Treats Me Like A Child.

Yes, in reality I'm still a child. I'm 16. But that doesn't give my boyfriend (who is only a few months older then me) the right to treat me like I'm 8 years old. He has total control of what I do when I'm not even with him. For example: Not to cause any drama and comments saying "that stuff is illegal and bad for your health" but, him and I smoke marijuana. At least I used to, until he went all over-protective on my arse and decided that only HE could do it. So now here I am, envying him because he can do what he pleases and be a hypocrite and say that I can't. I've tried talking it out with him but that just lead to fighting because he would act immature and rub it in my face and say that I am just jealous. YES, I AM. Then I asked him to give me all the reasons why he doesn't want me to do it, and his responses were: "Because I don't feel safe when you do it, I don't trust you, I'm afraid you'll get hurt," etc. And make note he has no reason to not trust me. I am faithful, and in love with him, however, HE is actually the notorious ex-party boy who used to do stupid things all the time before I came along. The reason why I let him control me like this is again, because I love him and I want him to see that I'm loyal and I want t make him happy. Can someone please tell me what I should say to him because I can't handle getting upset over something as stupid as this situation.

One more thing, there is something he said that really bugged me : "its because you're an angel and it hurts me to see you do stupid things, it ruins your innocence." PUH-LEAZ, he reminds me of my over-protective grandmother! She calls me her angel.


justascene justascene 16-17, F Jan 8, 2010

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