How Do Bipolar People React To Being Broken Up With?

I was always an extremely good girlfriend that went above and beyond to please him. He pulled away from me again. I dumped him without warning cause I just couldn't take it anymore. I feel like I just did him the same way that he may have been done many times before by women and I feel terribly guilty. We had been dating 9 months and he was not on meds because he couldnt afford insurance. He is popping adderall from a "friend" at times and I am not sure if that is safe. He pulled away from me again and I thought that I deserved more after 9 months of dating. He ignored my phone calls and sweet nuturing texts for 2 1/2 weeks (but would respond to non nurturing ones from me) so I just emailed him and told him I was done because I didnt feel like he appreciated me. Of course, I havent heard back from him, no big surprise there. My question is do bipolar people care when their partner leaves them? Or are they so used to it that they do not care? I want to reach out to him to make sure he is okay but my insecurity won't let me. But he is probably fine………right??

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im sorry but what your saying here is completely out of order. i have bipolar and was diagnosed 6 years ago with the help of my partner, he stuck by me through the lows and highs and now we couldnt be any stronger. just because we have bipolar doesnt mean we dont have feelings because we certainly do. its our feelings which make us bipolar. so to the person who said it was the best thing you ever did, its a nightmare, think about what your saying. there are alot of bipolar people who are going to read this and be disgusted, he generally might not ******* like you? ever thought of that? now dont judge bipolar untill you actually have it instead of being self centered, needy bastards!

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I am in a relationship with my boyfriend and I think he may be Bi-Polar. I didn't realise it until reading up on it and joining this group. I have been with him for 2 1/2 years on and off. Starting in April 2010, we became very much in love straight away. I had know him for 35 years but we only got together in 2010. By June he went off, exactly the same pattern as you describe. It started mid June, got worse July/August and he was ok again in September. I had no idea hat was going on at all. he has a child that he has not seen since a baby despite years of trying to. His ex made it impossible. because his sons birthday is August I assumed this is what got him down - I know it triggers something. The child is 15 now. Anyway, September through to Feb was fine, not great and he was up and down but it was ok. February 2011 I felt him going off again and at the end of May he left my house saying he would call me the next day. He didn’t and I didn't see him again. He left the odd message on Face book, random messages, like nothing had happened. I never asked or brought his behaviour up. Last August I saw him in his car, he turned back to find me but I had gone. He text me, I replied, we did that for weeks and we finally made a date to meet up October last year. We met, he threw his arms around me and told me "you know I love you don't you”, well no I didn't actually, not with his behaviour. I spent the weekend at his place we had a lovely weekend, we talked about our 'relationship' and agreed we should commit to each other. He couldn't explain why he did what he did. He said he just didn't know? So, since last October we have been fine, lots of loving, caring, the odd strange days here and there but he promised me he wasn't going anywhere again. He promised more than once. Mid July I felt him going again, short one word answers on texts, days where he didn’t answer his phone. We were going away for a week 3rd August, taking my 2 kids. We went but I knew he wasn't right. When we were on holiday, he told me that he had had a bad week the week before; I told him I knew that because of his lack of contact. By the second day of our holiday he was ready to pack his bag and go home, he was picking on the kids and almost looking for a way out. We never argued at all, we were fine and he was telling me how much he loved me and we were planning future holidays etc. We ended up coming home a day early, he blamed my kids (normal 13 & 15 years olds who is usually very fond of and treats well). When we got home, he picked up his bags, told me he couldn't be in my house with my kids a minute longer. He was really quite rotten to my kids, and they were clearly shocked and quite scared of him. His anger was frightening. I have not heard from him since then. 7 weeks now. He has ignored every call, text, e mail even the front door. I sent him a text to tell him my mum passed away last week, he knew she was very ill and he finally responded telling me how sorry he was etc and that he was 'not in a good place at all right now'. That text could have been written by someone else, it was different, sort of formal? That is the only text I have had in 7 weeks. Last week, I was on Face book and I put as my status "time for bed” within seconds he sent me a message on there saying "Likewise, just off myself!" That was it - I just replied "nite xx" - that is it???? I was just reading on here where someone said it can be a seasonal thing; I am beginning to think so as this happens mainly during the summer. I really don't know what to do now. I think I will hear from him but I keep thinking is this it now, the end? I really do think he is Bi-polar, even he mentioned it once or twice. Any help, advice or just talk would help me right now, from anyone who is going through this.

Oops, typo. Lol. I meant I hope things are getting better for you by now.

I am in the same boat as you are and it is very confusing. It's like u can't win for losing with them at times. My bipolar boyfriend went almost two weeks without contacting me over an simple disagreement. So I can totally relate to how you are feeling. It really hurts. Hope things are getting by for you by now.

i feel so sorry for you but with my experience of it for the last year count yourself lucky that you are out of it. its so hard to live with a bi polar partner. all the best to you. chin up

thats a good question i am wondering that too. i have an ex who i dated but he broke up with me when i threatened it and now he wont even talk to me. ignores me completely. i dont know what i did to anger him so