Emotions Are Crazy.

I have suspected it for sometime but my boyfriend has recently told me that he is bipolar. He has all the normal symptoms you would expect for someone dealing with bipolar. He has moments when he is completely happy and then suddenly he will be sad for no reason. He has experimented with self harm. I've found a replacement for him and he hasn't self harmed in 2 months. I worry that he will self harm again when he gets really sad. He tells me that he is always very happy when he is around me (even though at times it doesn't seem it). I am very happy with him too. This is the first time I have been involved with someone who is bipolar and at times I find it really hard to deal with. When I bring up something that he might not want to talk about, he will overreact and get angry incredibly fast. It's really hard when I want him to understand my point. At times I just need to take my self away from him and think about myself so I can calm down myself. I need some advice on how to deal with being in a relationship like this for the first time. I want it to work out because I care about him a lot and have helped him through other stuff before. I sometimes think I am being selfish because I want to think about myself as well.  We have dated on and off for the past 3 years. At this present point in time, he says he can't deal with the label as a boyfriend but he still wants to be with me - so it is very difficult. As we have recently discovered this out if anyone has any advice for dealing with it - it would help very much! :) 
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I've been dating a bipolar man for about 4 years. It's very hard, and the emotional ups and downs are very stressful. Just remember that he might really want to be with you, but his disorder gets in the way. Bipolar people can say and do things they don't mean, followed by incredible guilt. Just make sure he knows you love him and want to be there for him, but that's all you can do. He should be getting medication, and be seeing a therapist to help him sort through and handle his emotions. Unfortunately you as the partner (and caretaker) will be on your own with many things that a normal person would rely on their partner for. Youre going to have to find your own happiness and care from friends or yourself. My bofriend is on a treatment plan, but there are still some difficulties. The hardest part is realizing that even when I feel hurt or neglected, there's nothing I can do but accept his disorder, and try to find my happiness elsewhere. It's a very tough life.