My Bf Smokes Weed For Anxiety Agrivation And Depression

its hard for him to be normal without it .he has been smoking since 8 yrs old.i wish he didnt depend on it but it seems we dont get along very well when hes sober.i hope someday he can get medication  andcounceling for his problems and get better because i care about his health and i dont want him to ruin his lungs.

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A vaporizor is a good way to get the thc in his system without it hurting his lungs. Look into the volcano.

He has been smoking pot since he was 8?

Yeah that's an idea. Suggest he start putting his weed in food to get high and that'll kick the habit of smoking it. May help. I know it can be hard to quit weed, it takes a whole lot of dedication. I smoked weed all day, every day for only 2 years give or take and it was the hardest thing for me to do - to quit. Even still I find myself starting to fall back into it. You really hve to WANT to quit to be able to. it wont work otherwise. try telling him how it makes you feel and try getting him to do other things, keep him busy so that he barely has time to smoke weed. this will take his mind off of it and realize how fun life can be without it. honestly, its tough enjoying life sober when ur used to being stoned outta your mind all the time. but keeping busy was how I managed it. theres about a week of going through the withdrawals and during that time you have to rly b dedicated and stay busy to make it through. so keep that in mind if your going to persuade him to quit. im sorry you're stuck in a situation like that. the best of luck dear