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So I had this really long terrible relationship for 2 1/2 years.  One of those things that just got strung out for too long but I was in "love."  Anyways so I finally meet someone that I enjoy spending time with.  Someone with ambition and dimples.  I really start to like him and then he tells me the news: he has a baby on the way.  He had a fling.  Didn't work out.  She found out she was pregnant.  Moved away.  And now they talk every day about the baby (atleast I hope that is all).  It makes me uncomfortable but my best friend said that I should respect that he keeps in touch and stays up to date on the kid.  We recently made things official.  BF-GF official whatever.  But I wonder if I'm wasting my time and if he's just having fun with me right now.  But what happens when the baby comes?  Are he and baby mama over or what?  Am I freakin' retarded for wanting to be with him?  I like him a lot.  It's not just the dimples either.  Blah.
Esperanza Esperanza
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Thanks for the encouragement all! Updated: Wow I haven't signed in to this website forever. Turns out, that guy was a dog. He has a baby with a different chick now too I believe. He cheated on me, lied to me, and I believe cheated on baby mama 1 and 2. I was so young and SOOOOOOO stupid I even took pills and ended up in the hospital. Ugh! I can't even believe that was my life before. I went through a really difficult time for a while and did some things that were very uncharacteristic of me. HOWEVER, I met my Mr. Right and am now married. We've been through a break up and got back together after growing up a little apart. Now we grow together and we are married and so happy!!! I still regret having met or dated Baby Daddy above, but I appreciate everyone's support! God has shown me mercy by forgiving my past and grace by blessing my present and future. Gotta love a happy ending!

Dont Worry & Think Positive. You are a great woman and he should feel so lucky to have someone like you.. :)

You're a strong woman. You must love him a lot. I think he is verry lucky that you are still around. Stay strong!

touchy...youll both have to be strong to not let this situation define or destabilize the foundation of any relationship you might like to have. well wishes :) kf