Boyfriend Self Destructs Gambling Drug Addiction

My boyfriend has a serious casino problem.. he is in debt with everyone has lost his car his electricity in his home hes cried to me about how bad his problem is and when he lost his car i drove him to the casino in the car he bought for me i thought it would be selfish to say no now i see i shouldve never took him there to begin with he lost all his money and then asked me to pull money out of my bank for him to gamble with i told him no n stood by my decision and since then he acts like i am the bad guy that i am selfish after all he has done for me i wasnt there "when he needed me to be" ive offered to turn his lights back on buy him food ciggs everything he wants nothing from me now did i make a selfish decision or was i right i dont know how to take this i felt if i was to give him money not only is it a geat possibility that he could mess my finaces up but that i would also be enabling and feeding his addiction i am a recovering drug addict who has been clean for over a year now and he is still using and selling and gambling, what should i do i cant imagine life without him is it wrong to want him to finally hit his bottom so i can be there to help him rebuild his life sober? he talks about wanting to quit the drugs and gambling that it is ruining his life and i hate to see him so bad off and miserable hes chasing that one more big win but it never comes and i dont know how to deal with this 
shanteljalin shanteljalin
1 Response Feb 24, 2012

i have gotten the strength to leave my gambling ex .. <br />
I feel strong and free now . he drained me of everything gambling also on my feelings .. i feel so happy for you to have kicked your drug addiction but i am sure that you know a co dependent relationship cannot work.. you need dot be with a strong man .. however much you feel you love him he does not love you.. he loves to gamble .. i implore you to find the same strength that you did to kick a drug out of your life and do the same thing with him .. <br />
Goodluck honey also i am here to talk