Love My Boyfriend More Than My Husband

I have dated my boyfriend for 6 months now.  We are very much inlove but he and I are both married to other people.  We both started divorce proceedings with our spouses and while I am very much in love with my boyfriend...I am feeling I no longer want to finalize my divorce as my husband is a good man.  My boyfriend is wealthy and smart and very romantic.  Sex is great with him.  However, he has an issue of when he gets upset...he cuts all ties with me.  After awhile he comes around.  Right now he closed his email account and I am forbidden to write or text or call him and why I still love him more than my husband is unreal...why do I feel this way?  What should I do?
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5 Responses Feb 18, 2011

Sounds like your feelings for your boyfriend is lust, not love! Also you're craving for a guy who doesn't really care for you, and you only like him because he has everything you want. I really feel bad for your husband because he deserves a woman who really loves and appreciates him. No offense, but you are selfish and ungrateful and that could be the reason why that boyfriend that you say you love is treating you the way he is plus if he saw that you were willing to go behind your husbands back and have sex with him of course the boyfriend isn't going to care anything for you. You only get what you ask for and that applies to anybody in general

obviously he is having second thoughts,try to work things out with your husband.when the other guy comes around deal with him. but for now focus on your husband,remember that your relationship with the other guy is new at one point you and your husband started the same way try to relive some of those memories.

i too am married with a boyfriend. Me and my husband rushed into marraige and I love them both but when im with one I always find myself thinking about the other one. To make matters worse my husband in now in jail for 2+ years. Today I broke things off with my boyfriend because Im not being faithful to either one this way. They are both great guys and they know about each other, I say if there is any way at all to fix the marraige thats what to do

I respect that! Good luck and hope you fix your marriage

you know you say that he loves you but to me shutting you out is not love it is called control .So i take it you just sit and wait till he add's you again what is he doing in the mean time you think he is doing with out

what is there to clearly have made up your mind. Work things out with your husband. Should the "boyfriend" decides to speak with you again..let him know what you've been feeling..and if still acts up end it!