Yes, You Heard Me!

This is my second post, and yes, I like bullet points so here you go:

1. I have a boyfriend. He's a boy and a friend. Yet he wants to sleep with me.

2. No, I'm not twelve. I am a grown woman with a husband and a child. I work and am pretty damn successful. Imagine that?

3. He's married, too. Yes, my boyfriend is actually older... by 12 years.

4. We don't have relations.. We just flirt. ALOT.

5. Yes, I did say relations.

6. That's it. I would like to do bad things things to him, just to see how it would go down, but I don't.

7. Why? Because I love my husband but he's going through a tough time and I need something to help me through tha tough time. I wish it wasn't someone else, but it is.

Good day. Hope this oxy-moron of an experience doesn't bother you. But I will tell you, I don't care if it does.


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9 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Well how's this. I have a boyfriend, and so does my husband. And we're both OK with that.

Great.. We Heard You.. Now Hear Me Out too.

great u have a boyfriend.. and great how it works for the two of you. I have a single question.. How do I get to know u?

the sexual tension must be unreal!

nothing wrong with having a bf and being married, I wish more women would do it!!! My wife does have a bf and I love it!!!

Alley wonder how things have gone? I am in your shoes and don't know if I should run or keep the BF. what happened? Any advise?

We are still friends. It's like we're old, old friends. Both of us were in a bad place, both are in a better place now in our marriages so we still don't fool around.

don't call him ur boy friend? call him a friend? is it that hard? don't flirt to maybe? or flirt with ur husband more<br />
<br />
must be more to the story

I also totally understand this!

Take care - once you cross the line ... there is NO going back. :)

I think you are saying that you flirt with the boyfriend, but that you would NEVER act on how you are feeling because you respect your husband too much for that? If all things were equal and your husband wasn't going through turmoil would you still flirt with the boyfriend? I hope all goes well with your husband and some day that you can update us saying you made it through the turmoil.