Tired of Everyone!

I can't help it! I am tired of everyone! Here's a short rundown:

1. I'm tired of my husband! He doesn't always get it! And I'm not sure if he ever listens :)

2. I'm tired of my family. I love them, but with that comes guilt- guilt I don't see them enough, guilt I can't solve of their problems, guilt I can't live closer, guilt they can't live forever, guilt they can't get along, and guilt that I am just not thoughtful enough to them!

3. I'm tired of my coworkers. I am tired of listening to their stories about all kinds of inappropriate things: sex, after hours fun, periods, friends, church problems, weight gain, pregnancy woes, etc. Can you tell I work with women?

4. I'm tired of my child. Oh, gosh, I love her more than anything.. but I'm tired and need a week (not a day) to myself!

5. I'm tired of my in-laws.. Refer to #2.

6. I'm even tired of my dog! He gives me those damn puppy dog eyes, and I feel like I should be giving him a treat, right as we speak!

7. I'm just tired.. can you tell?

Disclaimer-I am very lucky to have all of the above.. I just felt like a good old 'vent'ing session..


allycat13 allycat13
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5 Responses Mar 23, 2009

That's what we r here for glad to listen

Sounds trite to say that things will change but they will!! One day you will wake and most of the family will be dead, your kid will be grown and your husband hopefully will still be there to start a new phase to your relationship. Pet the dog he will make you happy.

Can you make some time for yourself regularly? Not a one time thing -- a day or a week -- but something regular. Every saturday afternoon at a coffee shop alone with a book, or yoga every morning for an hour. Just time for you... can you do that?

working moms are tired... seems everyone else comes first and you're a bad person if you demand that you get something! you're being honest. we all have times like this.