They Are Such Jerks Sometimes

Whenever you really want to talk to them, they are 'busy'. When you dont want to talk to them, they wont leave u the hell alone!! i love him to bits, but why is it so hard for him to remember that i have feelings?? he treats me like im his mate - im his best friend and 'lover' not his frikin mate. play footy with j, not with me. swear at j, not at me. 

i hate that every other part of him is so great.. this is the downfall. i hate it. 

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2 Responses Jun 10, 2007

What you don't understand is that this is how the typical guy is. This is exactly the type of guy you want because if he gave you everything you wanted you'd get bored and move on to someone more interesting. Guys who give you everything are guys who have no idea what women want, and try to please them by doing everything. They seldom realize that they doom themselves from the start.<br />
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Things get boring real fast if you have everything you want. Guys know this, and so hold back. Guys are the same way. We don't want a woman who will let us walk all over them, we want someone who will throw the **** we give them right back at us, because it's interesting. <br />
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Pay attention because I'm going to enlighten you a little bit. Perfect is boring. This is why so many women are with complete ********. The ******** are better than the typical guy at giving women exactly what they need, and rarely what they think they want when they want it. <br />
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You can quote me if you like.

Have you talked to him about it? If so, then what did he say?<br />
Next time, when he needs your attention, show him how it feels. Only for educational purposes. Then ask him how it feels. I'm sure that he'll consider it later.