Before, lots of things were wrong with my boyfriend. Yea, he did this and that, but I needed more. Weren't happy.

Now, I can't come up with anything worthy in him to complain about. He's wonderful.

Did he change? Nope. I did. I mean, my perception.

But you shouldn't try to suck it out of your finger if there's TRULY nothing much to treasure. Persuading yourself doesn't work. It needs a switch in mind. But only if it's worth it.

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what made u change ur perception and why are u scared now that u are happy? stop- live in this moment and enjoy or u will ruin that happiness- remember what got u here- change in perception- now just live in this moment- make those words your daily affirmations - just a thought- i am no expert<br />

*lol*<br />
"Suck something out of one's finger" is a Russian ex<x>pression:) I'm transferring different ex<x>pressions to different languages, naturally, I guess it makes is more colorful.<br />
Anyway, but yes, my bf has had always many great qualities, but I used to pick on small things & bug him with them. He wasn't romantic enough or he wasn't doing this or that. Of course those things mattered to me, but after lots of pain & bleeding on both our parts I figured that it's about time to start appreciating, instead of picking. I'm changing my perspective toward whole life, not just my bf, trying to figure out what it's all really about. Instead of bugging him endlessly with my requests, I've left him alone to do things the way he wants to. On my part I'm just growing & dealing with myself. So far it's workin great - he obviously likes my new positive attitude, so he's reciprocating as much as he can. I'm intending to keep it that way so that both of us can enjoy life to the fullest!

Nice story! I've not heard that ex<x>pression before - suck it out of your finger... but I like it.<br />
<br />
Seems quite apt for the topic at hand, as well, and I think there's a lot of common sense and insight in what you have to say. So much of how people appear to us, and how they appear to treat us, is based in our own perception. A lot of things change when we step back a bit from our own emotional state and needs for a moment.<br />
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But, as you say, there is no point trying hard to see what isn't there - just worth testing to see if there's more than you're letting yourself see!