Boyfriend Trouble

Hello everyone. I have a boyfriend. We started dating on feb 14th. He is really sweet and treats me well. Im concerned about him lying to me that he was drinking. He was with guys so he didnt cheat on me ,but he lied. He is also dening that he was talking about moving away and braking up with me. One of his friends told me that. I trust them both and I dont know if there was a missunderstanding or someone is lying. What should I do?
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5 Responses Feb 22, 2007

Sounds like petty stuff. <br />
If these are the kind of things that are you worried about, doesnt sound like its going anywhere.<br />
Move on.

Confront him! Tell him that although you like him that does not give him carte blanche over you life. After all who said you were going to marry him? Chalk it up to life experiences and move on. These things usually just halp you make better choices later in life. If you have no experienxes then how do you know what you like or dislike?

Sit down and talk, if your both having fun with each other he'd have no reason to cheat or lie to you


honestly? Dump the chump. If he's lying after only one month then he really has no respect fo you and is after other things rather than a loving, caring, healthy relationship. You're too young to waste your time on the crap, don't settle for what you don't want.