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Resulting Regression

My story is pretty unusual, but I feel like sharing it. I was a keen cyclist before having a traffic accident. I was clipped by a passing van that was speeding down a country road and knocked clean from my bike. I do literally remember tumbling head over heels down a hill and seeing grass then sky, then grass, etc. It sounds ridiculous but it's as clear as day for me in my head right now. I was knocked out and lay undiscovered near a stream for hours apparently. What followed was three weeks in a coma before I woke up to see my worried family.

That's when I first came to realize I had a head injury. It didn't click into place right away but it soon became apparent something was very wrong. I tried to speak when I saw my mum and found the words just would not emerge. I heard them inside my head but I couldn't make my tongue or mouth form them. I just made a grunting noise and continued to grunt. I was shocked and afraid. My immediate reaction was to check my mouth with my hand. I could feel it at my side but nothing happened. I found myself grunting in frustration trying to ask what was going on. Hard as I tried my body wouldn't respond. Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement and felt my legs kicking out gently. I wasn't even doing it.

The doctors came to visit within moments of me waking up and sat explaining to me and my family. They were aware I was fully conscious and understanding, but said that due to the damage and current pressure around part of my brain I was blocked off from my motor control. I had no conscious control of my body. My body had regressed to infantile reflexes and would remain so until the swelling went down and the connections were restored. What followed was about 8 months of being an adult with the reflexes and control of an infant.
SamanthaLau SamanthaLau 18-21, F 38 Responses Dec 4, 2012

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I'm sorry. As an avid cyclist, I understand.

I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I have what is called TBI (traumatic brain injury that I suffered from two grand maul seizures in 2001. I am a diabetic and had drank to much orange juice. My blood sugar had registered 850. At 600, you can have a stroke. I am better now but I suffer from short term memory loss. I am hope you will recover as well. Good luck and add me if you care to chat.

OMG......such a terrible thing to happen, be strong, time is your friend in this kind of injury!!


Sorry to hear about your accident, thank God you weren't killed in the accident.

Wow I feel for you but, glad you are back and recovered. I know I would have went insane.

Thx loads!

So sorry. So now you have a very different experience of life at the beginning of your adulthood. From what I can see you handle it with grace and humor. I think you have lots to share with people. All the best to you, Samantha.

I am recover and walking around normal and I can do everything physical but my IQ is a lot smaller!

So u were Sweet 17 when u had your accident? I'm sorry u went through that, especially at such an age, really I am. So please forgive me for saying how cute I think it would be do act/be treated like that.

I just wanted you to understand the reality. I don't take offence. But really, it isn't fun to be so helpless.

I wish you a full, speedy recovery

How did your brain scan go. I have been praying that the scan will be OK.

My sympathy. I thank to God, taht I came as lightly, as I did myself! My thouts are with You.

Thank you, dear! Wish me luck coming off meds for scan. :)

hi sorry the hear about your accident hope everything all good now..

when did you have your accident? how are things now?

Less than a year ago since my recovery. I'm ok but need meds. I have to go off them though, for a brain scan. *sigh*

What an ordeal for such a beatiful girl to go thru. Glad to see you are doing fine now. I hope they caught the person who clipped you.

They never did sadly. I just hope the driver is more careful now.

This girl clearly suffered brain damage because she is too daft to understand or grasp the simple concept of karma. If you don't learn from your mistakes you will repeat them. God forbid you repeat the same mistakes that maybe resulted in this accident.For those of you who don't know what I am referring to, read the authors story on how she was a bully at school. I'm sure you'll find it interesting.

I hardly think in all honesty that my injury had anything to do with other events in my life. It was a bad driver!

Holy smokes! Sounds like quite the ordeal. Life can dish out all kinds of setbacks, can't it? All the best to you.

You can say that again! :) And to you.

Despite your brain injury, you seem sharper and more articulate than far too many others writing here! (Oops, did I just type that out loud?)

I wasn't left with any lasting brain damage once the pressure shifted. But yeah, be careful what you say here always someone reading! lol

Cheers for shifting pressures!

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Glad you recovered.

Wow I can compleatly relate to you as I suffered a simular instance but due to a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head... almost 20 years later I am finnaly admiting to my true self that I have a problem after trying to struggle with keeping up with everyone else. I am forced to accept this as my memory is fading quickly and probably will never remeber writing this or even how to come back here to this site but, keep the faith it will be better. Prayer has become my only comfort. I wish a happy and productive life for you! Be true to yourself if somthing is to hard to do try untill you can do it never give up!

I read your story. I will comment there. :)

Wow. I can't begin to imagine what an incredibly horrible and difficult thing that had to be to go through. Really glad that you have recovered and are OK!

The inability to communicate was in some ways more frustrating than the inability to control my limbs. Thank you. :)

I can see why it would be. You're quite welcome Samantha. :-)

Well, you seem to be better per evidence of this write up! May blessed health only grace your path from here on out.

All the best to you also!

Sorry to hear about your ordeal but very glad you have recovered so well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

And thank you. :)

Omg that is an unspeakable ordeal for someone to go through. Thank god you lived and found the courage and strength to make it through. I admire you. I myself was hit by a drunk driver when I was 12 years old. I blacked out and when I woke up my leg was turned completely around. They told me I flew 7 feet into the air. I only suffered a large fracture in my femur. Which is nothing compared to your ordeal. I got a metal rod inserted and still remains to this day. I can still predict when its gonna rain though. So happy we were able make it and come together and share our expirences on Ep. You have inspired me to write about my first accident getting hit by a car. There were 3 incidents. God bless!

You got hit by a car 3 times during your life? Says a lot for driver safety doesn't it?!

Well to be honest once was a drunk driver the other two were intentional. :/

You better mail me and explain that, please. :(

I will but still waiting for a response to my current mail. :p

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It is tragic when you see cyclist hit by vehicles and it is quite possible that the driver may not have even noticed it. Some, feel it is okay to just drive on.
I have a close friend who has suffered a stroke and help him where ever possible. I have a neighbour who is partially paralysed and suffers similar symptoms to that you have. I know what you are saying. I can feel your frustration. Please continue to write and keep in touch. EP is an ideal place for all of us.

I don't suffer this now, but I appreciate your kind words.

aww. im so sorry. i've taken care of people like this. its hard. they want to move or talk but they cant. i wish there was some way i could comfort them but the best i can do is help them out with what i can

Thank you. I'm just glad I am no longer like that and I appreciate your kind words. You are obviously a comfort to them.

how have you recovered? are you all back to normal now or there is still things you need to still work on?

I am recovered but I take meds as a stabilizer to prevent relapse.

oh ok, so you still have a long road ahead of you.. how is your speach now?

Well I need to take the meds just to maintain my recovery. But my speech etc is perfect. Well, as good as it was before. lol

thats really good to hear.. nothing worse then having perminant damage..
lol as good as it was before huh? lol

Yup lol

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how long did you take to fully recovered?

When I came round from coma a month in a care facility and 8 months at home before the pressure shift. After that a few weeks of returning control.

wow...close to a year! When this happened?

By the time I recovered I was 17 and I'm only 18 now. Scary how recent it was.

You're so blessed to survive this ordeal.

I was very fortunate to avoid permanent brain damage. But for those months it was awful.

yeah...but i think that experience made you to become a stronger person, more positive and trying to live to the fullest, right?

That is certainly the result. A greater appreciation for what you can do daily.

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Glad you recovered, Lucky Girl

Yes, thank you! :)

What goes around comes around, eh? Sometimes three-fold. Don't do to others what u don't want being done to u.

What are you making reference to exactly?

Fiona folds n the other girl u happily bullied for years.

Well, what does that have to do with being trapped like an infant for 9 months?

Figure it out.

Oh, you think that's funny?

I think that it's ironic n karmic! See how ppl end up paying for everything that they do no matter to who or why they do it?

Yeah, right. It wasn't part of some cosmic plan to stop me bullying them and letting Fiona come round and make fun of me!

Oh boo hoo.... u got what u deserved. Deal with it, u sociopath. I do not feel sorry for u except for the fact that u think that they deserved ur bullying n u don't regret it. Anywho... enjoy ur day "sweet cheeks."

That last bit isn't funny. Don't you dare call me anything like that, ffs.

I was about to say the same thing Peace. This girl clearly suffered brain damage because she is too daft to understand or grasp the concept of karma. If you don't learn from your mistakes you will repeat them. God forbid you repeat the same mistakes that maybe resulted in this accident.

Seriously!! Obviously others haven't read her other story.

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i have had my share of problems so i know its hard but you are young and beautiful you have a long and good life ahead of you good luck

wow have you recovered now or are you still having problems

I am recovered now, but thanks for asking. I take some medication as a stabilizer only.

I also cycled like a maniac...average 3-4hours per day for about 8 years. Sorry to hear about the accident. It was never good to hear of someone being run over or injured in a bicycle accident. Glad you are okay.

Van drivers are commonly guilty of knocking bike riders off in UK. :(