Scan Time Soon

After my accident I have been taking stabilising meds to make sure my brain blood flow and activity is kept normal. Now my doctors have informed me I need to come off them for a scan. This will mean I will backslide to my condition state for a month until all tests are run and I am back on my meds. It's scary and uncomfortable to think of another month like that, but it's required! Wish me luck, I think I have a week or so to wait before we start.
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Every thing will be ok, I've been on so many meds since my injury and they finally found one that works!! I'm here for u if u need a friend ok

Anything we can do to help you or even just help you feel better?

hi dear wow wish you the luck you need but let me tell you if you read my stories may be you wont want to talk to me i am bladder in con and i wear diapers 24/7 was hurt on a job and i am disabled now i can walk though and am not in a wheel chair

I would not discriminate like that. We both had accidents.

Good Luck:)

Thanks, might need it!

Have you seen this talk on TED that was given by a young women that went through a TBI many years ago? Maybe check it out thought it was inspiring:

Great presentation!

good luck, i hope it goes well for you xx

Hope so. :D

i have also had a couple of brain surgeries and lots o scans xx

I wish you luck and good health. :)

Thank you also!

I wish you luck, and hope for the best! :-)

Thanks a lot!

good luck and i will pray for you lol

Pray for the atheist! ;)

cant do any harm you are a lovely person and a hart of gold thats ok in my book

Good luck, Samantha!

Thank you! :D

Good Luck! (((hugs)))


Good Luck!


Best wishes from Europe across the big pond !

Where are you? I'm in Acton. :)


Oh nice. I want to visit Berlin!