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On Dec 24th (yes christmas eve) 2005 I was riding my bicycle going to a friends party in Austin, TX when I crashed and cracked my skull on the pavement.  I was only unconscious briefly and awoke to blood coming out of my ear.  I thought I was okay and these guys that stopped took me on to the party.  I went to get a beer and people started telling me I needed to go to the hospital since my ear was bleeding.  I thought I was okay and sat on the porch but then blood started coming out of my nose too so I thought I should go. 

I remember showing up at the hospital and being evaluated but then my memory goes blank until the next day.  I was in ICU for 2 days and at the hospital for 5 days total.  What a nice Christmas present.  I had what's called a subdural hematoma which is when you bleed underneath your skin with no exterior wound for the blood to escape.  This was especially dangerous b/c it allowed blood to pool in my brain and causing a small portion to die off (TBI - traumatic brain injury).  The injury was at the back of my head near my right ear (basal skull fracture).

It was freaky and I lost my sense of smell (still don't have it 1 1/2 years later), some of my taste, hearing in my right ear, and have some short-term memory issues.  There was a positive side though.  It's commonly thought that blind/deaf people have increased sensitivity in their other senses that make up for their deficits.  I noticed that I felt a lot different and couldn't quite put my finger on it.  I then thought about it and noticed that I was seeing more clearly and just perceiving the world around me in a different way.  In a really cool way.  Life was different or at least the way I was seeing it.  I always wear a helmet when I bike now but I'll never regret what happened.  It was both a great and terrible thing but just another lesson on lifes path.

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Thanks man, I really appreciate that....it is a journey and hopefully a long one :-)

i love it that you consider it to be both the worst and best thing to happen. i feel the same about my ordeal. i've always referred to it as the most cursed blessing i've ever received. and it is things like this that will give you a different perception of the world. that's for darn sure!

Kudos to you my friend! It's great to hear about someone taking the high road when relating to their "misfortune"...

You're wonderful. I've known someone with a brain injury and, through him, others with similar injuries and know that it can be very frustrating. I applaud you.