My Partner Also Has A Brain Tumour Oligodendroglioma

My partner also has a Brain Tumour Oligodendroglioma which is situated in a really hard spot - at the intersection of the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum. The lesion is growing and has since caused major health issues (the least of which is migraines). Sometimes his migraines are so bad that he finds it hard to move. He has a very high pain threshold and so is able to function throughout his day despite the head pain. Thus far the only answer has really been pain management, and his doctors are waiting for it to grow bigger so that they can operate. I have been reading different sources of information (through my internet searches) and am wondering about the possibility of their success on lesions - in that these things (which are breaking off from the main one in his brain) are using his spinal cord to transport themselves to different parts of his body and as such he has complications in the rest of his body.

My understanding of Oligodendroglioma is that it is a lesion formed in the brain - and is more easily explained as a type of brain tumour. Its make-up is 80% lipids, 20% proteins. The biggest problem would be this condition's affect on our little family as some days the pain is too debilitating to continue with normal activities - such as taking our daughter to school and so forth. Anyhow I hope all is well with you and you keep us updated on your progress.
oligodendroglioma oligodendroglioma
Nov 28, 2012