Help Me With My Symptoms.

I'm 17 years old and have been suffering from migraines for about 5 years now, but over the past year they have begun to be unbearable. I have recently started to wear glasses as my doctor and optician think my eyes may be the cause for my persistant headaches.
I get a headache everyday, when i do have a headache it's an excruciating pain, i have double vision or sometimes not very clear vision (even with my glasses on) When i have a headache i get pins and needles in my right arm and hand, i also cannot bend over or kneel down when i have a headache as it makes it 100x worse. The light also makes it alot worse. I try to sleep when i have a headache but it just wakes me up because of the pain. I have started to be very forgetful too, i forget what people have said minutes before and what has happened over the past few days. i have also been getting hiccups when i have a headache too, i dont know whether that's just coincidence though? I have made a doctors appointment but dont want to mention that i think i may have something seriously wrong with me as i think he will just discard my thoughts. I'm beginning to get very fed up of it all now and just want to know what is wrong with me. If you have any clue, or have had any of the problems i have could you please let me know.

Thank you.
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you can also be alergic to yellow cheese. my best friend suffered from migranes for years!! and she would throw up all the time. she had mris ct scans and nothing was there.. she was terrified i felt so bad. and it turns out she was allergic to cheese.. just yellow cheese and some people are known to have the same affect.

You should talk to the doctor about getting an MRI to make sure you do not have a brain tumor. These are some of the symptoms. The sooner you get it checked out, the sooner you will know. And dont be scared, it could just be a small one or you may just have a chemical imbalance in your system. Also check out any medications you are taking to see if the migraines are a side effect. Be strong. You are not alone.

i would love to know what people think but i have something really similar.<br />
im 13 and have had migraines since i was 4 they are the worst thing in the world and sometimes ill have them for around 4 days. i cant see wheni have then and sometimes i cant talk right or even write. i get headaches everyday and im about to go crazy. i got glasses last spring and they helped a certain kind of headache but i still get other headaches every day. my memory has always been great but its also going down hill. i cant remember usually a couple hours before i go to bed or i can only remember bits and peices. when i remember things i usually think its at a different time than that person said it was. i have a neurology apoointment on the 24th and im really worried cuz they have mentioned brain tumor in the possibilities before . best of luck to you too.