Things Will Work Out

Where do I start. I'm in the navy and in the process of getting separated. I passed out on march 30th went to the ER and they told me I should drink more water. In mid april i got in serious trouble because one of the girls i work with got really drunk and showed up at my room. She is under age and i was guilty by assosiation. So i was sent to restriction. Two days before i was suppose to get out of restriction I passed out again this time I told them I had a head ache so they did a CT. Well the Dr. Came in and told me i had a mass in my left frontal lobe. I can't describe the feeling i had when i heard that. The neurologist told me that they were just going to monitor it to see if it grows and go from there. Once the neurosurgion seen the MRI he was like that has to come out asap. So June 4th I had surgery. They took as much of it out as they could without damaging the surrounding tissue. There is still some up there chilling, growing, who knows. The test results said that it is oligoastrocytoma. My life went from me knowing what is going on to total crap in three months. But I really have to thank my commanding officer for sending me to restriction. If i hadn't been there who knows if i would have ever found the tumor. Or I could have been on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier and passed out or on top of a jet. Its weird how things work out.
rbfh rbfh
26-30, F
Jun 24, 2012