I found out today that i have a brain tumor. I don't know how i feel about it...

My bf is really upset. I'm worried about him.

I'm worried about the fact that everyone else is more concerned than me. I don't think its sunk in yet. What if when it does hit, it hits me hard..... (Don't answer that)

This sucks...

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hav one suggestion for u...your life is only ur's and u can defeat everything that tries to get into ur life...get up ever mornin and say..."u dont hav place in my life,u r just a guest...and il b fine...get out of me"ul get well soon...believe me...mental power is the biggest power it can make miracles happen...stay safe

I've been living with a benign brain tumor (astroytoma II) since 2001 with 4 operations, currently going through radiation. It's not'll find you're much stronger than you think. Hope things go well for you.

I think so.... Its all goo din the hood...

Wow! Big news ha? Well I gut feeling is that everything is fine and you will get through this fine! More Big HUGS!

Thanks lovely...

*Hug* I'll always be here for you if you ever need someone to talk to.

Thanks beautiful.... Your so right:o)

This sounds really scary but the truth is there isn't much you can do about it, so why worry? You're really in the hands of the doctors.<br />
<br />
I'm thinking of you and I hope you're okay.<br />
<br />

I've been told that of all tumors its the best one to have so i guess i am lucky. I am seeing a nurosergeon on monday so i'll know the plan of action then and will also get a 2nd opinion... Thanks again to everyone for so much love and support. Your all great...

What a shock for you, but benign is good news. Is there any treatment that can be given? Take care and feel safe and loved in the multitude of hugs being given to you, here is another one (((HUGS)))).

Hahahaha Thanks for the permission! My boss has offered whatever i need.... i'll see...

In view of this don't feel bad if you do decide to take a day off work.

Thanks wise.... preciate it:o)

Hugs and best wishes from here.


Thanks for all the hugs and support guys....

as long as it doesn't become malignant for some reason, you 'll be fine more than likely, i think.

You don't have to feel anything about it. It is what it is. Love yourself. Allow yourself to be loved.<br />
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Here's another great big hug {{{{{{{{{{{{IntoxicatedDesire}}}}}}}}}}

I know how you feel I had one as well. I was scared out of my mind...

Thanks hun.... need a good hug...

awwww<br />
<br />


Is it benign or malignant?