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June 2008 i hade a friend in my bedroom i was writing on the back of photos the next thing i knew i was on my side crying my husband next to me and my friend looking at me strange i had no idea what had happened. Latter on i was told i had a seizure so i went to the doctors who sent me for a catscan. a couple of days later i got the results back it was a brain tumour.The doctor sent me to hospital where i stayed for a week they hecked for epilepsy as well as mri of the tumour when i left hospital i was told that thetumour had been there for a long time and was calcified so it shoudnt be causing the symptoms that it was and maybe most of the problem was phycosymatic but i should return in two weeks for another mri just in case. After the mri i went to see a neuro behaviourist who spent half an hour telling me that i had a nervous breakdown i then asked him to check the last results which he did and said oh its not a calcified tumour after all. after being told that i did have a complete break down and ended up in a phych ward for a week. when i got out my husband kids and i moved to another state and it took me a full year before i had the courage to see another doctor. When the results came back he said you have a low grade tumour which may or may not be cancer but we cant biopsy it because of the location Idont understand how you can tell some one they may have cancer but leave it at that all i want is answers my son is also unwell with some thing unrelated and i just feel like this run of bad luck bad health will never end

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i am sorry this is happening to you. this is why i hate doctors. they never have real answers for you. they just base their prognosis on past medical history and never give a real answer or actually help you. they pretty much make you feel worse. ugh

Don't let little things get you down. You've got many big reasons to look up to God and say thanks. It's going to be a great day

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I too have tumors, i call mine my marbles, the ones I wish I could lose. they are caused my my rare disease called Neurosacoidosis. Mine are benign, for which I am grateful, and went into a beautifu; remission close to 4 yrs ago. The disease still wreaks havoc on me, and I have had it since 1983. but I wake up every morning, as happy as I can be, especially if I don't fall down.<br />
I wish youo the best, and realize how difficult it is to find a physician who will even talk to you nowadays, but good for you for pursuing, and never givbe up.<br />

I'm statistically a 'long-term' survivor having being dx'ed in 2001 with a low-grade astrocytoma. They say it's slow gowing but it's been operated on now 4 times and is bigger than ever. I've not had any seizures (knok on wood) .<br />
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I hope things go well for you - it's a hard road .....I wish I could say it's all just been a walk in the park, but it ain't that simple. sorry.

Hi of course to have low grade is better but even thought you must do something.<br />
Ihad low grade tumor and after the biobsy i had Gamma Knife radiosurgery just to prevent the cells of growing.Now the tumor is smaller and not active.Iam free of seizure for one and a half year.<br />
Ask for second opinion.<br />
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I'm glad it's low grade! I hope it's EXTREMELY slow growing! <br />
I don't remember as clearly as I would like to....but once, I heard of some technique that involves "taking a walk through your brain" with brain tumor patients. Sometimes, when asked where the tumor is located, the person will declare "There isn't one!"....and they turn out to be right. .....Something like that; I don't remember the details. It probably involves some altered state of consciousness, but your body knows what's there, and it's about the mind-body connection. I wish I could remember where I read that or who I heard it from.

apparently this is normal because of where the tumour is it would cause more trouble to biopsy it they say that because its low grade which means slow growing regardless if its cancer or not it wont cause serious harm. It was suggested to me though through a friend that they can put radiation through it and then if it comes back its definantly cancer i just have to find a doctor who agrees

Maybe you should try yet another doctor for a second opinion? It does seem strange that he says "you might have cancer", but then just leave it. Maybe you should find a doctor that will tell you what you can do--to let you know what your options are and what else it might be.

I am so so sorry that the doctors gave you so much grief. I have health issues and sometimes I think my doctors think my problem is mental. I do have depression but I know my physical symptoms are real. It is hard enough trying to have the strength to make it thorough a sickness but having to fight with the doctors make everything so much more difficult.