9 Years So Far With A Benign Tumor

hi all,

so I was dx'ed in 2001 after many years of unbearable headaches and other probs.  At the time of the diagnosis they told me it was inoperable and all we could do was watch it grow and slowly kill me.  two years later it was operable, so they operated twice. 

It's never been easy, I wish I could give people courage to face their tumors but I'm not able to. 

I'm 5 weeks into a 6 week radiation series and sooo tired I'd like to just sleep for a few years until they find a cure, then they can cure me and wake me. 

While 'they' are at it maybe they could help me solve all the other psycho probs I have - I've been diagnosed with post-traumatic-stress-disorder so I'm really quite a mess.  but maybe i'll get better.  

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as you can see - it's a real emotional rollercoaster dealing with a brain tumor/radiation treatment/and other issues. <br />
There ARE good days mixed in with the not so good days - I feel I should be trying to give a bit of hope to the others with a similar diagnosis. <br />
make the best of the the time you have i guess. i don't always succeed at that, but I'm trying.<br />
<br />
take breaks when you need them - there's no need to be strong all the time and I find it helps to budget my energy.

the tumor is right frontal/temporal - in the MRI imaging there's not much to see other than tumor mass where those lobes should be. it's at least 5 by 8 cm. <br />
i have anxiety, memory, emotional, an just about any other problem you an think of - but luckily I'm not sufferring from gran mal epilepsy (...yet)<br />
<br />
ok I think my username might be overly wishful thinking, today it should be "completebasketcase' or something like that.

Hi can i ask where the tumor is? how big is it ? do you have memory problems? also your anxiety may be due to where the tumor is trust me i know how horrible that can be because there is nothing you can do about it i shake all the time which causes me embaressment if you would like to talk you can message me privatly good luck