I Feel Like I'm His Biggest Mistake

 So here's the other story...

I tried talking to my father as others advised me to. To tell him what I truly feel and tell him that I miss him and everything. I messaged him through Facebook, because it is the only way I could get to talk to him.

Me: Merry Christmas Dad. Hope I could get to talk to you soon and I miss you.
Dad: Merry Christmas
Me: :)
Dad: I'm only your father biologically and not socially. I'm sorry.

GAWD, I really expect him to say this, I miss you baby, sorry I couldn't spend the holidays with you but I promise I'll try to make it up with you someday. Study well, ok? Make your Mom proud.

But no, he didn't say it. Why does he have to say it to me? Am I his biggest mistake? Did he also tell that to my younger sister? Why now when it's almost Christmas? Why does it have to be me?Of all the people on Earth, why me?

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3 Responses Dec 22, 2010

God said, he is a father to the fatherless, dont despair, when your mother and father forsake you the lord will take you up. and your life will be much better because he is rich and will send people to you to care for you, if you entrust your life to him.

thank you so much brothersue :') it really made me cry.well maybe he doesn't deserve me.i should be happy and yeah what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.i'll always remember that one.

I am so sorry that he said this to you. It's not fair and you surely do not deserve to be treated so poorly. <br />
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Please know that you are more than he could ever hope to be. By that I mean you are just better than he is and you will be a great adult. After my parents died, I have come to believe one thing. God never gives you more than you can handle. I am not terribly religious, but I do believe in God (or at the very least, I believe that there is a supreme being out there) and I think that He has great plans for you. Have you ever heard the saying "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"? (my mother used to say that to me all the time - she drove me NUTS with it.. she would be proud I am using it now, though) Anyway, I believe, TRULY believe that although it's tough to hear something awful like that from a parent, God believes in you, and knows you can handle it. <br />
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That may sound pretty sappy, but honestly, it has gotten me through so much. Here is another tip I will let you in on... Parents, whether they are biological or not, have NO IDEA what they are doing. Yep. It's true. They are going through life with their kids, raising them the best way they know how. Think about it, there is no manual for being a parent. There are help books, but that isn't always the way to go... Your "Dad", well, he's just stupid. He is missing out on some great opportunities with you. And as much as you might want to hear that he loves you, think about how lucky you are that he ISN'T in your life. Can you imagine what it would be like? If he is the type of person to say that to you, well, he doesn't DESERVE to have you. I'm just sayin'... <br />
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Good luck though, and if you ever need to vent, you can yell at me anytime.