I Am Among A Broken Puzzle

I have always felt alone.
My family fought. More than most families.
We were split up as I went to a safe shelter.
Together, Apart, and Together Again.
These are the words that define my life.
To match the broken puzzle of my family,
I shattered a frame with a picture of us together inside.
I recall every bit of anger and pain that became everything I was.
I run. I run. I still run.
Yet I've lost sight of whom and what I am running from.
Tears that make up a personality.
Will I ever find another like me?
I am among a broken puzzle,
And I am beginning to wonder,
How long will I be alone till the puzzle is no longer broken...
LynnOnEdge34 LynnOnEdge34
13-15, F
Feb 28, 2011